How To Prolong Your Battery Life On A Gaming Laptop


One of the things many laptop users worry about is the battery life their laptops have. While one might disable some programs from running and help save their battery life, this might not work when using your laptop for gaming. The gaming software or site in itself uses a lot of power to run, which will affect your battery life. Getting a Batterie Asus ROG Gaming might help, but you will still have issues if you do not use it well. Here are some helpful tips that will ensure the battery life on your gaming laptop serves you well.

1. Reduce your brightness

The one thing you can do that significantly increases your battery life is to reduce your screen brightness. The brighter the screen, the more your battery runs out since your laptop uses more energy to brighten up the screen. Reducing the brightness will help with the battery life and ensure your eyes do not get damaged since you might be using it for a long time. If you are using the laptop in a dark room, there is no need for it to be too bright as it will make your eyes sore after a short time.

2. Turn of your keyboard backlights

Many gamers love to put their keyboard lights on. Some laptops will even let you assign specific colors to the keys you often use for easy visibility when you are playing. While this might be a good thing to do, it can also work against your battery since the keyboard backlight uses up battery power as well. One of the easiest ways to deal with that is to turn off the backlights. The effects might not be as much as when you reduce your screen brightness, but it will still go a long way in increasing your battery life. You can also program your laptop so that the keyboard lights go off when you unplug it from a power source.

3. Change your power mode

Another thing that would drain your battery is your power mode. There are three different modes, and knowing about them will help you make the right choice.

a) Best performance mode

Using this setting ensures that all the apps running on your laptop do so at their full potential. However, this happens at the expense of your battery life so put that in mind.

b) Better performance mode

Better performance is when the laptop performs okay, but the battery life is also improved. It is the recommended default setting.

c) Better battery mode

The better battery mode prioritizes your battery over performance. Using this setting while gaming might not be appropriate as you will notice the game keeps lagging.

d) Battery saver mode

The setting tries to squeeze in as much time as possible into the battery life so you can use it for longer. Most performances will be shut down out to ensure that your battery lasts longer.


Gaming on your laptop can be a hassle, especially if your battery is not so good. Getting ways to improve your battery life will ensure that you can game longer without worrying about your battery life. These tips will come in handy for you and any other gamer who has an issue with their battery life.

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