Common Smartwatch Issues and How to Fix Them


Smartwatches have become so popular that they are a significant part of people’s lives. Most people enjoy using them and testing all the apps. Some models have more features than others, like the Huawei Watch 3 available on the watch 3 store. However, these technological devices can also cause frustration if they don’t function as desired. Every artificial object is prone to problems, and a smartwatch is no exception. In this extract, we explain the common smartwatch issues and how to fix them.

Common Smartwatch Issues and How They Can Be Fixed

These devices are portable and serve multiple functions. Once in a while, they tend to have faults that you can either fix yourself or seek professional help. They include;

1. Battery discharging quickly

Typically, a smartwatch battery gets used up fast and often needs replacing. Battery drain is a common problem that occurs when you pair the watch with your phone. For you to access some apps and data from your smartphone on your watch, the smartwatch uses the larger memory of the phone to operate. It drains the phone’s battery so fast, and fixing is necessary.

Fixing this problem requires you to disable apps that are not being used on your watch. Do the same to the features to ensure only essential things are running. Lower your watch brightness to save battery power and if you must have multiple things happening in the background, carry along a charger.

2. Touch screen malfunctions

Any smartwatch user can experience this whether the watch is new or old. If this happens immediately after unboxing the device, it’s advisable to return it to the store for an exchange. This may happen for a perfectly fine smartwatch if it falls severely or comes into contact with water. Some companies label watches as water-resistant, but some actually get damaged if exposed to water.

Clean your screen to remove dust and see if it works. Also, ensure the surrounding temperature is favorable for the watch. Extremely cold and hot temperatures may cause the screen to stall. The screen responds well to touch if the fingers are warm, so ensure to warm up and try again. This problem can also begin after installing an app, so identify the app, uninstall it to see if the issue is solved. If none of these fixes work, take the watch to a professional for repair.

3. Unreliable voice control feature

Most smartwatch users complain about this problem. The voice control is there to help the user communicate while doing their work and not have to type any words. It’s frustrating when trying to pass a message, and the feature cannot pick up the right words or doesn’t hear at all.

Try various voice tones and see if the watch responds to any of them. Also, reduce any white noises and adjust the volume until everything is clear. If nothing works after doing this, visit a repair expert or manually operate the smartwatch.


Smartwatches are super reliable; however, like any other gadget, they are prone to technological problems. You can fix simple problems in the comfort of your home using the guide above. You can also choose to see an expert from the get-go, which is okay. Whichever the case, most smartwatch problems are fixable and continue functioning normally.

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