Pointers On What To Do To Buy OSRS Gold Safely


If you play Runescape, then you know that people have bought gold coins from time immemorial. The only issue with this is that you might get your OSRS gold coins reversed if the developers find out. There is also a great chance that the seller you are dealing with might not be legitimate. All these things make it difficult to buy OSRS gold. However, you can get your OSRS gold and use it to play your game without a hitch with a few pointers. Here are some of the things you need to do when you are buying OSRS gold.

1. Ask to meet in person

 One of the ways to ensure that none of you gets caught trading in gold is to meet face to face. Ask if the seller is in our area, then meet in a public place. Once you do that, you can easily know if the seller is legit or if you should look for another seller.

Many people get the wrong seller, and this translates to them making really bad sales. If you have no idea who you are dealing with, you might end up getting duped.

2. Use a safe payment method

 If you feel like you cannot trust the person who is selling to you, then use a safe payment method. You do not have to use your bank account for every transaction. The easiest way to transact with the person selling you the gold coins is to use e-wallets or even pay with crypto.

Such methods are difficult to hack into and gain access to your bank cards. Take your time and figure out which payment method you will use before you go ahead with it. You can also just deposit the amount needed on the payment site so you do not have any extra that someone can come and use.

3. Do not give anyone your account password

You need to remember that the seller does not need to know your account password before they send you the gold. All they need is your username. Do not be tempted under any circumstance to give out your account password. If a seller asks for that, that is a sign that you are dealing with a dishonest person. Walk out of the trade and get someone else who is trustworthy.

4. Close your private chat before you receive the coins

If you are chatting with a seller on the game, ensure you use the private chat. If possible, keep all conversations about buying and selling gold out of the game chats. It ensures that both of you are safe and that no one will get to know that you were buying the gold since buying OSRS gold is considered a violation. Dealing with it can have dire consequences on you and your account.

 Last thoughts

Getting OSRS gold will ensure that you can go on playing without an issue. The only thing that arises from buying this gold is not doing it safely. Take your time and figure out whether you are dealing with a genuine seller and ensure you pay using a safe payment method. It will ensure that your money does not go to waste in the long run.

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