Basic Facts About STP Transceiver Modules


SFP is a short form for the word Small Form Factor Pluggable. This is a fibre optic module that fits on a SFP socket or port on an Ethernet switch or inverter. The major functions of the STP transceiver is to convert Ethernet signals into the optic signals so as to enable data to be received and transferred.

You want a module that will serve you for the longest period possible but you have no idea on how to get there. The hi-tech industry has come up with a lot of variety of modules of the same type so you may be easily confused on what exactly you need. Focusing on the SFP Optical Transceiver manufacturer modules , Starlink manufacturers have brought about great STP varieties. They are of integral quality and will serve you all according to your needs. For you to make the best choice, You must get to the market having the knowledge of exactly what type of STP module you want. This will help you avoid getting the wrong STP type for your service.

Types of SFP and its series varieties.

 STP has a variety of modules that you will need to pick from. Depending on the type and size of the file that you need to transfer and speed too. There are generally three types 100 base, 1000base and 10gigabit which is an advanced SFPT+. All along optical module manufacturers have gone ahead to create better and more reliable versions of SFP modules , coming up with newer versions with a higher transmission speed that is ranging from 10-25 gigabit.

100 base can cover from as low as 100M for example the cisco Gulch –FE-T Compatible 100BASE-T SFP SGMII CopperRJ-45 100M DOM Transceiver module

You will need to be very careful as you select the exact SFP module that you need because they are not all the same. There are factors such as wavelength, types of mode among other factors. The best thing about this specification is that they are indicated on the product using abbreviations such as 5X, LX, 2X, EX among many others. For example 5X is meant to signify as a multimode with a short wavelength of up to 850 nm. LX, 2X, EX are single mode having different wavelength capacities. So as you be looking for the product you must find these specifications abbreviated otherwise the optical modules may be questionable. Starlink SFP transceiver modules are always abbreviated and clearly described and thus it will be easier for you to distinguish what you need in the market.


If in case you need your switches to have a better and swift communication, then it is necessary for you to use an SFP transceiver module. Then choose a model that will enable you to transfer data faster , in that case, you should consider 10gbe that will support SFP+ transceivers. This is because not all models can support 10GBE.

When looking for SFP+ models check the cisco models because they are more affordable compared to other products. Again it is best suitable for routers and switches enabling their communication.

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