Apple imposes strict guidelines on MagSafe accessory makers

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Apple’s design guidelines for third-party MagSafe accessories, which contain extensive regulations that accessory makers must follow, have surfaced online.

Specific guidelines related to MagSafe were spotted in a broader Accessory Design Guidelines document by Twitter user Gustavo Fontana. They occupy a small portion of the in-depth document, but outline some of the stringent guidelines that accessory makers must follow.

For example, the guidelines specify which type of magnets that third-party companies must use in order to be MagSafe compatible. They also offer details about the positioning and orientation of the magnets in an accessory.
The specific kind of magnet required is dictated as a N45SH NdFeB with type a specific NiCuNi plating finish.
Cases that are MagSafe-compatible must also enclose a device and be no thicker than 2.1mm (though 2mm is recommended). Additionally, there are specific force requirements for when a user attaches or removes a case.

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