Latest HONOR Product- The MagicBook 14 Model


What do you say to the perfect piece of technological wonder? “Oh, yea!!!” is just about right. The new MagicBook 14 was elegantly designed to do nothing short of taking your breath away. For the design of this new model, a lot of thought was put into the process. The MagicBook 14 was designed in a way that both those who really know their gadgets and those who just appreciate aesthetics would fancy the model. The MagicBook 14 model is the laptop of the moment.

Regardless of what it is you are looking for in a laptop, the MagicBook 14 model is almost guaranteed to offer it. From speed to aesthetic appeal to outstanding memory capabilities, the MagicBook 14 model has your back. The most epic thing about the HONOUR MagicBook 14 model is that it is not as pricey as you would expect.

The Unique Aspect of the MagicBook 14 Model

At least compared to other laptops of similar design, the MagicBook 14 model is unique. The price alone makes the model a unique one out of all other HONOR laptop products. The standard price for the MagicBook 14 model is somewhere around 699 Euros. But on a very good day, from the right supplier or seller, you could get it for as low as 599 Euros.

The MagicBook 14 model has a 14-inch screen. On a general note, however, there is a measurement of about 84% screen to body ratio. This means that the screen is just right for the size of the laptop. You get to enjoy all of your screen time because the screen size does not inconvenience you in any way.

The processor used on the laptop is the AMD Ryzen™ 5 4500U Processor. This is one of the most ideal processors for laptops of the light build. So for a thin or light laptop, the AMD Ryzen™ 5 4500U Processor is more than ideal. This particular AMD quad-core is designed in a way that outperforms other processors of the same price range. This means that while it is cheaper or the same price as other processors in the market, it could be more efficient.

The model has a memory capability of 8GB DDR4 dual-channel RAM (random access memory). The RAM is paired with a 512GB SSD ROM. These make the laptop suitable for all of your everyday activities. The pairing of the unique processor and memory features of the laptop ensures that the laptop remains super-fast.


With just under 700 US Dollars you could get a laptop that truly satisfies all of your techno needs without having to stress yourself. There are many other awesome features of the MagicBook 14 model that you would just need to explore on your own. From the fast charging speed to the long-lasting battery life, the MagicBook 14 model was built to last. When fully charged, the MagicBook 14 model is expected to last for as long as almost 11 hours. So what are you still waiting for?

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