The Ultimate Buying Guide for Cheap Printers


A lot of technological advancements have been made in the last few years. Documents, photos, and various files have now found a home on laptop drives and cloud services. However, regardless of how your documents are saved and stored, you still need a cheap printer to get a physical copy of your document to give out in meetings and you also need a nice printer to get your photos so you can hang them on your walls.

Over time, the overall cost of printers has reduced and printers are now easily affordable. Here’s a complete guide on what to look out for when you want to get an imprimante pas Cher.

What to Look Out for in a cheap Printer

1. Choosing between an inkjet or laser printer

This is one of the most important choices you will have to make. Choosing between an inkjet printer and a laser printer depends on what you print the most. Each of these printers has its strengths and also its weaknesses. If what you print regularly is a combination of graphics, photos, and texts, then an inkjet printer is the best option for you.

Inkjet cheap printers are best suited for printing photos compared to laser printers. For black and white text, inkjet printers give an output of 5-18 pages per minute and can take between 1.5-4 minutes to print out a single-colored photo. However, if what you print regularly are texts, a laser printer is simply the best option for you. Although laser printers are well-equipped for printing text, they do not do so well with printing photos, and even those that print photos are not designed for such purposes.

2. Do You Want to Scan, Print, or Make Copies of Documents?

Well, the purpose of getting a printer can also guide you in making your choice. If you desire to only print out texts and you have no desire to scan, copy, or fax documents, then a regular printer will be a better choice for you, especially if you have other machines that can do that for you. However, if you want a printer that can do it all, you should go for an all-in-one printer.

An all-in-one printer is quite affordable and is usually cheaper than separate machines added together. The only downside to an all-in-one printer is that it is quite limited in its features and as such, will not be a great choice for sophisticated work. So if you want to carry out sophisticated scanning, a separate scanner with all those features will be a better option.

3. Consider the Ink Costs Also

Inks are quite expensive to buy and the fact that most of them are used for maintenance and not the actual printing itself makes it painful. So, before buying a printer, check for the model of printer that optimizes its ink the most. When you have this figured out, you should be able to get a printer that is well-suited for the tasks you have. However, also remember that quality comes first. Hence, even if you have a budget, do not be afraid to add a little more to get a printer you will like.


So there you have it! Getting a cheap printer is totally possible. However, never sacrifice quality for a low price. It’s never worth it.

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