Top Three Surprising Facts About Laptop Batteries


Batteries are a very critical part of any electrically powered device, and laptop batteries are no different. A laptop battery is a component that supplies the system with power and keeps it functional long after it has been disconnected from an electric supply outlet. And while some laptops still make use of the old battery type that is incapable of retaining charge, most laptops and electrical devices at large now use rechargeable batteries as their power source. Although these batteries need to be charged by an electrical current before they can function, some of them can retain charges and continue to power your computer for a longer period. Impressed already? There is more to know!

This article highlights the top three things to know about laptop batteries to help better the use of your laptop.

It is essential to note that your laptop battery has some special features that make them unique, compared to other rechargeable batteries. Laptop batteries have specific capacities, which indicates the amount of current they can store and how long they will last. While weaker batteries tend to offer only a little in terms of energy stored, stronger batteries like the HP HS04 Battery have higher capacities and can last for several hours after the power cord is disconnected. Here are some facts about your laptop battery that you probably didn’t know about.

  1. Battery Life Cycle:

As expected, each laptop battery has a specific duration that it can be used for after a full charge. But then, the more these batteries are used, the more their capacity weakens, and they eventually start to become less efficient than they were initially designed to be. This means that they will no longer last as much as they used to, and this is referred to as the battery cycle deterioration.

  1. Shallow battery cycling:

Shallow battery cycling is a condition that occurs when you consistently fail to charge your laptop to full capacity. Although this situation is sometimes unavoidable, you should always see to it that your laptop battery is fully charged before you unplug it. And while the effect is not immediately evident, it gradually affects the battery’s capacity to hold charge until it eventually causes more severe damage.

  1. Battery memory effect

The memory effect is a typical battery term that describes the deterioration of battery capacity. There are several factors that cause this effect, but the commonest among them is overcharging the battery, which occurs when a battery is left plugged into a charger long after full charge is obtained. Other causes of battery memory effect include:

  • Undercharging
  • Frequent charging
  • Charging before the battery is drained.


A laptop battery is one of the most important components in your laptop computer because it allows you to make use of the system, even when there is no nearby access to external current. However, there is only so much that your laptop battery can do, and these facts will help you understand your battery better and promote a more healthy usage.

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