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3D is a Dutch project with a focus on innovative
news concepts.
In this project Dutch media can participate in a unique development environment. The focus will be on strategic visions, new journalistic formats and business models for digital news.

Project brochure: short description of the 3D project
3D Brochure (PDF)

The 3D-project is deviated into diverse sub-activities, all with their own approach, target group and workpace. Here you find a description of these activities.
3D activities (PDF)

Current issues
Below you can find what the 3D-research team is currently doing.

3D Academy (TNO):
Currently TNO is organizing a workshop with the titel New ways of news production. During this workshop TNO will present their report of a benchmark in which 50 national and international innovative news services are described with success and failure factors. The second part of the workshop encompasses the presentation of around 20 short projects/products of young people who are working with news/information in an innovative way.

3D Business suite (Hogeschool Utrecht)
At the moment a report is made in which five scenarios are described concerning the transition from paper to digital. The following scenario’s are possible:

-      Print only

-      Print leading

-      Mixed model

-      Online leading

-      Only online (in which sometimes backwards publishing starts)


3D Lab

Within the 3D lab Hogeschool Zuyd is evaluating with (future) users several digital news services from creating a good overview of background information for digital readers to a new business model where publishers a paid for their articles by third parties.